PTC Youth Academy at dubai sports world

Ptc Youth Academy

Kris Greene has been instrumental in building our Youth Athletic Development program. For a number of years now, Kris has been integrating the PTC Youth Athletic training principles into the training methodology for sports teams at some of the leading schools across Dubai.

As a strength & conditioning coach in Dubai, Kris understands the impact of lifestyle and the environment in this part of the world can play on the development of young athletes. Building movement skills and fitness intelligence using a variety of games and sports.

Kris sees it as an amazing opportunity to get encourage athletic development in youngsters and start them along a strength & conditioning pathway.

The strategy underlies a more fun process, the athletic development program tries to hide from the youths the fact that they are doing exercises that they might otherwise find less than exciting, by couching them in fun and competitive games.

If we break their pattern of understanding of what they are doing and relate it back to a schema they understand, there is a guided pathway that interrupts their feelings on fitness and guiding them towards something they understand and can relate to.

It teaches hard work, failure and the pathway to recover from failure, trying again and as a result being successful. Helping youngsters set goals, the development program helps kids develop skills that they can leverage in later life.


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