Pushing Yourself Too Hard to Get Results


Some trainees think that "beasting" themselves is the only way to progress and develop. While some would admire this attitude, it is not healthy

While we MUST push ourselves BEYOND our comfort zones to progress, weeks of training until our muscles can no longer execute the movement properly very quickly flips and has a detrimental affect on our neurological system. A weakened neurological system leaves us vulnerable to greatly reduced performance along with many other health issues and illnesses

In a bid to keep this post simple, it's ok to push ourselves to failure every now again as we test our limits to see what our bodies can achieve, but if we constantly push sessions to failure we get overall system failure. Sometimes relaxing and getting the best Hydrafacial Dubai has to offer is a good idea!

Take a week as a "download period" after an intensive period of training, during a long periodised training cycle or simply spend 2-3 weeks every 6-7 months (of consistent training) working at a comfortable intensity to allow a full recharge of your bodies neuromuscular potential

You may even notice a spike in performance when you return.

Overworking the body can have detrimental effects on the neurological system, leaving the individual vulnerable to reduced performance and other health issues. Pushing oneself to the point of muscle failure week after week can lead to overall system failure. This is why it is important to incorporate recovery periods into your training routine.

Taking a week as a "download period" after an intensive period of training or during a long periodized training cycle is essential to allow your body to recharge its neuromuscular potential. It is also recommended to spend 2-3 weeks every 6-7 months working at a comfortable intensity to avoid overworking the body. This downtime will not only allow the body to recover, but also help to prevent burnout and injury.

While it is okay to push oneself to failure occasionally as a means of testing limits, constantly pushing sessions to failure will do more harm than good. This is where the concept of progressive overload comes into play. Instead of pushing to failure every session, gradually increase the intensity or volume of your workouts over time to avoid overworking the body.

Pushing oneself too hard to achieve results can also have negative psychological effects. It is important to approach fitness with a positive mindset and to view it as a long-term lifestyle change rather than a short-term goal. Setting unrealistic expectations and putting too much pressure on oneself to achieve certain results can lead to feelings of disappointment and failure.

It is important to listen to your body and to recognize when it needs rest and recovery. Taking breaks and allowing yourself to recharge will actually lead to better results in the long run. Incorporating a variety of exercises and training methods into your routine can also help to prevent burnout and keep workouts interesting and challenging.

Pushing oneself to progress and develop is important in fitness, but it is equally important to recognize the line between challenging oneself and overworking the body. Incorporating recovery periods, avoiding constant muscle failure, and approaching fitness with a positive mindset are all essential to achieving long-term success.


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