Member of the Month April 2017

Member Of The Month April 2017

Coming from humble beginnings almost three years ago, and struggling with a repetitive back spasms, @befit_bysandra has consistently demonstrated a silent motivation, enormous dedication and huge aspirations, to be strong, to feel strong and demonstrate the potential strength that a female can achieve

It has been a great pleasure for all of us here at The PTC to witness her journey from a quiet petit novice, to a strong, head turning inspirational woman for many of the other women who train along side her!

In a true display of female strength and empowerment, during April, Sandra overcame her own insecurities and started documenting her own training in order to help
motivate and inspire not only her friends who were so impressed by her physique on her wedding day, but to change the misconception & show that lifting weights does not make women look too bulky!

Congrats Sandra, we look forward to many more years of watching you grow and develop along your health and fitness journey


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