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Energy Boost

Every now and then we all go through a period of time where we just stop caring about things as much, motivation sinks, energy levels tank and we’d rather just sit about watching youtube videos than pursue our goals.

The problem is these periods of time can be destructive if not quickly dealt with. It’s during these periods that you cheat on your weight loss diet, you skip the gym, you don’t get work done – all of which can lead to feelings of guilt and depression that perpetuate the lousy mood you’re in.

1) Move.

Get up and move around, run, do some push ups, squats or any other bodyweight exercise – anything to get the blood flowing. Perhaps the best of all is to jump. There is something very child like and freeing about jumping that gives you a huge endorphine rush to counteract your slump.

2) Have a cold shower.

Not the most pleasant method but perhaps the most effective. Nothing will send your nervous system into overdrive like being doused with cold water. In fact its so effective it’s been used to treat depression (, not to mention that repeated exposure to cold temperatures will boost weight loss and reduce muscle inflammation- which is always handy.

3) Get outside.

A daily dose of sunlight for around 20-30 mins can do wonders for boosting your happiness levels due to the production of vitamin D and serotonin the UV exposure facilitates. Plus the extra vitamin D will give you a bunch of other health benefits like reduced risk of cancer and potentially boosting fat loss (

4) Hydrate.

People tend to underestimate the impact poor hydration can have on their day to day life. Often people will feel chronically fatigued and tired and simply put it down to a poor nights sleep or stressful work schedule, when in many cases they’re simply not drinking enough water. Even mild dehydration can cause anger, fatigue, depression and your ability to think clearly, turning simple problems or activities into overwhelming challenges.

5) Try out some breathing exercises.

Stimulating the flow of oxygen to the brain through various breathing exercises can instantly make you feel more alive and engaged. Yoga therapist, Felice Rhiannon, recommends a 1 minute breathing practice whenever you’re burnt out:-

Inhale to the count of two
Exhale to the count of two
Inhale to the count of two
Exhale to the count of three
Inhale to the count of two
Exhale to the count of four
Inhale to the count of two
Exhale to the count of five

While each of these methods can kick you out of your low-energy mood should one arise, combining them together into a morning/pre work ritual can help keep you motivated, engaged and productive every day; negating the appearance of those lazy days at the office and keep you on track to achieving your goals.


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