Reactive vs Active Choices and Weight Loss

Weight Loss

You won’t achieve your weight loss goals unless you MAKE it happen.

Too many people live their lives in a reactive state and it ruins their chances of losing weight and being healthy.

What do we mean?

See if this situation sounds familiar:

Person A..

Works late at night because they have to to finish their work to meet their deadline.

Ends up ordering a take away because they have to eat quick because they have to get to bed because they’re so tired.

Wakes up tired and has to down a cup of coffee to wake up because they have to get on the road before they’re late to work again.

Has to go to the fast-food place across the street for lunch because they’re starving and didn’t have enough time to prepare anything for lunch.

Every few months they’ll have to go to a physio/chiropractor because they’re so tight and achey that their lower back is killing them for most of the day.

Feels that they have to  cancel their gym session/membership because they just don’t have enough time, there’s more work to be done and they have to rest and see their family otherwise their wife/husband will start giving them a hard time.

Person A has no control over their lives, they’re constantly reacting to what life throws at them. They will struggle with their weight loss, they will feel tired and unhealthy and the cycle will continue.

Person B..

Finishes work at a reasonable time because they want to get home to eat a healthy meal and get enough sleep because they want to be fresh tomorrow and get a good start on the day so they don’t have to work late the following night.

Gets home and eats a healthy meal because they want to feel at their best and understand that what they put into their body’s is a big part of that process.

Wants to get to bed at a reasonable time because they know that life sucks when they’re tired and getting enough sleep allows them to be more productive and more effective, which allows them to get tasks done quicker so they have more time to….

  1. A) Train because they want to work out hard because they understand that being physically fit and healthy improves their focus and concentration and boosts their productivity. They want to get out of bed and get into the gym before work because they know their work day can be unpredictable and they know they won’t achieve their weight loss goals if their training schedule is constantly derailed by having bad days at the office and last minute work.
  2. B) Prepare healthy meals for the week, so they don’t have to go to the fast food place across the street. Instead they allow themselves to feel moderately hungry and then eat their healthy meal when they want to eat it.
  3. C) Spend time with their family and friends because they want to relax and have healthy relationships and social life because they know that this is key to reducing stress and losing weight. They know that stress that will impact, not just their mood, but also their weight, fitness and general well being.

Person B is actively taking charge of their life. They choose make good choices that facilitate other good choices that results in them losing weight and being physically strong, lean and healthy people who achieve their goals.

Be like Person B. Be active about your health decisions. No one is going to do it for you. Take matters into your own hands today.

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