Over seven & a half hours of videos teaching you THEORY AND PRACTICAL EXERCISES to rehabilitate:

Back Pain/Injuries

- Common forms of back pain and how to progress from floor exercises to dynamic core strengthening exercises.

Leg Injuries/Anterior Knee Pain

- How the biomechanics of the pelvis and the core can cause lower limb injuries and random knee pain.

Quad Tears

- Implement your knowledge of healing phases to rehab quad strains and tears.

Hamstring Tears

- Learn biomechanics during running and how to fix the most hamstring tears and make them more robust than before injury.

Knee Ligament Injuries

- MCL/ACL injury rehab. Learn The Lunge Matrix and what "The Empty Room Principle" is with exercises demonstrated to gradually stress and improve knee ligaments.

Calf Tears

- Learn how the biomechanics of the calf, ankle and hip work together to rehab and prevent re-injury.

Achilles Pain and Injuries

- How to rehabilitate a tendon and the specific bio-mechanical demands the achilles needs to endure to deliver high level performance.

Ankle Ligament Injuries

- Understand the most vulnerable position for the ankle and utilise your new knowledge of The Lunge Matrix Exercises, adapted for the ankle instability and sprains.

Shoulder Injuries

- Learn the connecting biomechanics of the shoulder and the trunk/spine together. From there learn how to target and activate the correct muscles to regain mobility, strength and power around the shoulder.


This course is the most comprehensive injury rehabilitation course available online and is a must to help clients with their pain or injury rehabilitation.


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