MEET THE TEAM - Keith O'Malley-Farrell

Semi Private Personal Training

"Skinny, lanky, skeleton" are now sounds that just bounce off the heavy armour plated chest our gentle giant @keitho_malley_farrell

But it wasn't always that way... Born in 85 in the shadow of the Chernobyl nuclear dust cloud, he had his puberty onset growth spurt at the tender age of 3 minutes old & everything got longer
Tall & awkward he stood a full head and shoulders above all of his piers. His awkward talent was obvious and his coaches noticed. They smiled and put him in goal where he would defend his teams for years! Like a caged animal, raring to get out into the action, it was rugby where he found his refuge

A sport made for all shapes and sizes
Fuelled by the name calling and desire to grow wider, he was introduced to the gym and to squats in particular! "I'll do the leg press instead" were the last words the squat rack ever heard from him, as he quickly ran over to the Bench Press

It was love a first sight, a match made in heaven, he hoped they would never be apart. They would meet every Monday and hold hands, playfully pushing pulling each other for hours! Sometimes twice a week. "My strength is in the bone" he would say naively as he skipped past the dead lift to continue his romance

But little did he know, this would be his downfall. Having developed super human chest strength, his legs and shoulders just couldn't keep up. A string of shoulder injuries robbed him of his destiny (to Captain the Ireland rugby team) and forced him off the pitch, into the rehab clinic

It was here he vowed to never let anybody make the same mistakes he did!


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