The Physical Training Company Join Us For Another Interactive Workshop This Saturday, 16Th October At 10:15 Am Personal Training

Join us for another interactive workshop this Saturday, 16th October at 10:15 AM. You can join us in person, or online!⁣

In this workshop, Caitlin will help us explore the importance of attention for exercise performance and identify techniques that could help individuals optimize and enhance their attention on a task or a goal. It will help to identify what the underlying mechanisms of attention are and how attention works.⁣

We will discuss cognitions behind focus vs distraction, understand the link between thinking and doing, and explore the different types of distractions and how we can direct and redirect thoughts when concentration is lost.⁣

We will also learn how we can self-focus and become self-conscious about our internal thoughts using techniques like process cues, external stimuli, and cognitive restructuring.⁣

Book your spot for free in the app. We can’t wait to see you there 🙌⁣


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