Episode 2 - Keith & Matt Speak to Strength Coach Dubai Extraordinaire Kris Greene

In what is only the second podcast of the PTC podcast, Matt and Keith, an injury rehab specialist in Dubai, sit down with Strength & Conditioning coach and exercise science specialist, Kris Greene. As one of the co-founders of The Physical Training Company, a company dedicated to personal training Dubai, Kris hails from the emerald isle of Ireland.

High School, University Education and Certification

Kris specialises in youth athletic coaching and performance development, he spent a lot of time playing rugby in high school in Ireland, before moving to the UK to complete a Strength & Conditioning degree whilst also playing rugby professionally, after which he worked at the London Irish rugby club.

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Kris is known to ask questions, furthering his own education and career development by acquiring valuable knowledge not just about coaching and strength, but also about athletic performance and professional training in sports and how these skills can be applied to the development of successful programs that help improve sport professionals fitness in a manner that takes advantage of the latest advances that science has to offer.

Whilst at college the level, Kris was exposed to articles and collegiate sports, with the growing online fitness movement that helped network fitness professionals from all over the world which was discussed and adopted at his own university. As an athlete himself, he is a member of that rare group who have experience of both being an athlete and of being tasked with the professional coaching of athletes strength and conditioning, as a certified strength coach.

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Strength and Conditioning Coaches

As strength and conditioning coaches, Kris is dedicated to performance and strength development in athletes. Kris has created and implemented youth athletic development programs at the high school and collegiate level at institutions all over Dubai. With a natural ability as a coach, Kris has developed coaching programs that have developed athletes as part of an organised program of training that helps achieve gains in sports performance, which helps successful students achieve a wider range of options when it comes to higher education and choosing a university.

A certified coach, Kris' ability and certification go hand in hand with his professional career. In his youth development program, Kris coaches multiple sports, basketball and football being the primary focuses but along with that he has trained swimmers as part of the Speedo academy and gymnastics, with even a couple of baseball sport athletes. Working with DC in Dubai he has also developed cricket coaching and netball coaching programs that help encourage athletes performance to help improve not just the strength but also the skills necessary for success in the sports.

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Strength and Conditioning Power Club

Kris talks about the strength and conditioning power club, a community that is based on knoweldge and success that treats it as a club to do a couple of hours a night every week just doing a lot of weight lifting a lot of strength and power capacity.

A normal session for a beginner would be a high volume low load session just to build capacity, a lot of big movements and time under tension just to teach people how to move. The power club is more exclusive which helps people who are already experienced to maximise the efficiency of the time they have in the gym to make some big gains and share ideas on the latest science and articles, putting the science into practice and develop a community of members who are about 8 or 10 strong with just a fun approach that makes it easier to access in an industry that is sometimes off-putting.

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    What makes Kris different as a Strength and Conditioning Coach?

    A strength and conditioning coach should be supportive and certified as a strength coach. A lot of coaches and especially strength coaches are bro-certified, Kris has advanced degrees from well renowned sporting university, with experience as a professional athletes that means his approach to strength gets the job done. As a strength coach, Kris adopts the latest science and has a natural ability to motivate, features which are coupled with his dedication to the science behind fitness, and his certification both as a trainer, degree and graduate degree, along with the skills he has picked up as a professional athlete. Related to his knowledge about the industry, Kris always practice what he preaches, and believes in research and that one should prepare for effective training especially as a strength and conditioning coach.

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