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Sophie Hollingdale is a Personal Trainer and Adidas Runners coach in Dubai. Originally from South West London, she moved to Dubai having graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical and Sport Education from St. Mary’s University in London. Sophie enjoyed a lot of success after university competing in international Bikini Competitions. She won her pro card in two federations, placing first at the Miami Pro, third place in Pure Elite and 5th place in the WBFF worlds.

In this episode Sophie offers an honest and revealing insight into the world of female aesthetic competitions and the huge sacrifice she had to make to achieve the “perfect bikini body”. From the highs of being on stage showing off the results of her hard work and dedication, through the physiological stress of extreme dieting and dehydration, to the psychological strain and self doubt that competing at this high level inflicted on her, in particular, the night before one of her competitions.

We hope you enjoy this episode of the podcast with Sophie Hollingdale.

Dan Lawrence is a Strength & Conditioning coach working primarily in boxing. He is the UK Head of Education for the Elite Performance Institute.

Dan discusses his reasons for being in Dubai, some of the training methods he uses, his experiences in boxing and how he feels about Mayweather vs McGregor.

Dan’s experience includes working with boxing’s WBA champion George Groves, English champion John O’Donnell and this season has trained amateur fighters to win the junior ABA’s, National Amateur boxing championships, 3 nations championships, LFC lightweight champion (MMA) and works with a number of other professional boxers. We really enjoyed speaking with Dan, he’s a great guy and a great coach, we hope you enjoy listening.

In this episode Keith & Matt discuss decision making and the ooda-loop decision making cycle and how stress impacts the body and how to effectively manage it, when to reduce stresses and when to sleep, when to increase training overload.

With what we hope will be an informative and eye opening podcast, please enjoy and once again, any and all feedback is welcome to improve our fledgling production

In this episode Keith & Matt get a little bit more technical than usual and discuss common causes, effects and solutions to one of the most common postural problems people are confronted with, an anteriorly tilted pelvis. People spend hour after hour sitting throughout the day whether be on the commute to work, at a desk or every time they eat and as you will learn, that commonly leads to back pain, hamstring injuries and reduced performance output with multiple movements. With what we hope will be an informative and eye opening podcast, please enjoy and once again, any and all feedback is welcome to improve our fledgling production.

Alex Lee is a sports scientist and strength and conditioning coach for the U.A.E. armed forces. On this episode of the podcast, Alex discusses his background playing rugby as a teenager in the North of England, the influence playing rugby in South Africa had on him, his time in the Royal Marines and his work in professional rugby with London Welsh. As fellow graduates of St. Mary’s University the guys joke about their time at university together, some of the work they each used to do as students and graduates, before each moving to Dubai to originally work together for FAST Athletic Training. We hope you enjoy this episode of the podcast with our good friend and very experienced highly professional coach, Alex Lee.

Eighteen months ago Caroline shattered both her feet, her pelvis and her spine when she fell 7 metres unharnessed from a climbing wall after the peg she was holding onto gave way. In an inspiring episode, this gifted yoga instructor joins Keith & Matt following her recent thirteenth major surgery to put her broken body back together. Listen to Caroline’s fascinating story as the guys only scratch the surface in what they hope will be the first of many episodes with Caroline as she nears the end of this life changing period of her life. To connect with Caroline in response to this episode and can see some of the images relating to her accident, check out her Instagram @caroline_d_leon and read her blog

**Apologies for the volume bugs and random sound changes in this episode following some microphone issues. Aside from one cut out around 12 minutes, nothing in the episode has been edited out or intentionally omitted.**

Meet The PTC’s newest new team member and Strength & Conditioning Coach, South African born Roan Kotze. Keith & Matt get to know Roan and discuss his background and how he found his way from playing professional rugby in Johannesburg to working as a personal trainer in Dubai via University in South Wales. The guys discuss some tricks of the trade and how new developments and tools used in professional rugby can transfer into screening and monitoring non-professional gym-junkies and youth athletes in Dubai. With the 2017 Crossfit Open happening at the moment, the guys delve into the good, the bad and the ugly of Crossfit. Enjoy

Keith & Matt catch up after the fresh start to 2017 and recap how the new year has gone so far. Matt explains his new lease of life and explains the benefit he has found from eating only one meal a day and aswell as giving his body an extended break from lifting weights. The guys talk about the sudden affect of the recent poor weather in Dubai and discuss why they think people tend to fall ill around the same time. It’s been a while since our last Podcast so the guys also talk about future guests they hope to have on and promise to release more more frequently. We hope you enjoy The PTC Podcast.

Listen to Keith & Matt chat with Tommy Wingrove (from IFA Sport and Adastra Sports Academy) and The PTC youth development coach Kris Greene about the work both are doing developing young football players and athletes in Dubai to compete in the highest leagues and competitions around the world. Tommy explains the challenges that young boys and girls face when travelling to professional sports colleges and clubs in the US & Europe to continue their careers. From growing up without jumpers for goal posts in the desert oasis to becoming successful footballers and students at Division 1 Colleges in the US. Kris highlights what to look for in adolescents as they mature to maximise their potential and rise their baseline abilities. We hope you enjoy.

Join Keith & Matt again as this time they meet with Adventurati-Explorer Fadi Hachicho. Fadi is the founder of Adventurati Guided Tours, an activity based tour company that takes amateur explorers and adventurers hiking, climbing, camping, canyoning and back to nature to rediscover the outdoors in a region of the world predominantly associated with being a barren and dry wasteland. In this episode of the podcast Fadi discuss’s with the guys what lead him to make the change from a desk job to risk his life in sink holes in Alaska, learn to live off glacier melt water only to then return to the desert. Listen to him share his expertise and knowledge to expose his guests to nature’s beautiful characteristics for coast to coast around The UAE & The Sultanate of Oman.

Join Keith & Matt as they talk to fellow PTC founder Nic “Coach Nic” St-Maurice about his background, growing up in Montreal and his journey from running track at McGill University to Men’s Health Middle East Cover.

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