The Physical Training Company is a location independent fitness and wellness service. We have grown out of the belief that by creating a supportive and friendly community and with a dogged resolve in following the principles of consistency, perseverance and progress – our community can achieve and celebrate long lasting, sustainable life changes together. The PTC is dedicated to upholding this support system to benefit our community and ensure that everybody reaches their goals! Click here to find out more about us..


The Training Room

Developed by an Elite team of Sports Scientists, the Training Room is a FUN and FRIENDLY group exercise program that benchmarks your fitness levels every 4 weeks! The best thing about it is that your FIRST session is absolutely FREE!

Semi-Private Group Personal Training

Train in small groups of up to 5 under the guidance of one of our elite trainers, get all the benefits of Personal Training at a fraction of the cost..

Personal Training

Our elite team of Sports Scientists are ready to help you with a tailor made program, with specialities ranging from Strength, Rehab for Injuries, Weight Loss, Athletic Conditioning & more..

Online Personal Training

Our Online Personal Training programs are a great way to lose weight, increase your fitness and get tailored diet, workout and fitness plans tailored to you!


  • Personal Training Company in Dubai Personal Trainer Dubai Group Exercise in Dubai Physical Fitness Company in Dubai Group Training Exercise DubaiSamia Kallidis
    I came to these guys with the ambitious goal of wanting to become a competitive crossfit athlete. They said if I was serious, I had to take care of my body and I had to do what they say. I didn't think twice - I trust them to take the lead on my training and have seen amazing results so far - I have gotten much stronger, leaner, more conditioned and much fitter overall in the past year than ever before. I knew that a solid foundation in strength and conditioning is essential, but I also need to improve my skills, mobility, endurance and technique. The PTC helped me identify a clear set of goals and helped create a specific training program and regimen in order to achieve them, not just for training, but for daily habits as well. Our community is more like a family, and they truly care about our progress.
  • Personal Training Company in Dubai Personal Trainer Dubai Group Exercise in Dubai Physical Fitness Company in Dubai Group Training Exercise DubaiSpencer
    I have been working with Kris Green from the PTC for just under a year now. Since we began training together I am pleased to say my muscle mass has increased, my body fat has reduced and my weight has come down. Kris took the time to understand what what exercise/fitness meant to me and built a program that would be enjoyable and help me achieve goals that were not only fitness related but psychologically too! We trained to cycle from London to Paris and since achieving that in July we have now created a new plan to cycle to Rome in Italy, which is a trip that is four times longer. I am constantly motivated by Kris and have enjoyed both the one-to-one sessions we do and also the Training Room sessions run by Kris and the Physical Training Company every week. If you are looking to get fit, lose weight and improve your overall health, then the team at PTC really know their stuff and will make the time you spend with them fun and rewarding!
  • Personal Training Company in Dubai Personal Trainer Dubai Group Exercise in Dubai Physical Fitness Company in Dubai Group Training Exercise DubaiEl Tayeb El Hag Yousif
    A lot of people don't realise that when one sets his/her priorities in life and acknowledge them he or she will unconsciously work towards achieving them. We all want the good things in life such as money, good health, and happy relationships etc, but very few understand the commitment that follows to be able to get what one hopes to have. I certainly was a person that realised some of my commitments but not all until I met my friend and coach Kris Green and the other PTC coaches and members. The reason why I said friend before coach is that a lot of people don't get how important it is to tap into a person's mentality and help them realise that for them to achieve that 2.0 version of themselves is for them to want it bad enough to realise the commitment it requires. Kris did that with me. Kris initially started by helping me overcome my problems in life in general and somehow made me use my time in training as a therapy, and way to discipline myself, hence with time I discovered that I was pushing myself in everything that matters such as social life, work, and fitness. I would've imagined that this might have been difficult specially with my previous mentality but the community with it's members made it so easy. We are like family now as we care for each other inside and outside the gym and we push each other to our limits, in fact we do a lot of things together and even plan adventure trips for that matter. Sometimes we feel that the reason we push ourselves so hard in training is that we don't want to let each other down. Finally, I believe that the most overrated sentence used is "I love you", but I love my team and willing to be there for any of them when they need it without a doubt. And if I ever wanted to thank everyone at the PTC it will be for being the people they are.
  • Personal Training Company in Dubai Personal Trainer Dubai Group Exercise in Dubai Physical Fitness Company in Dubai Group Training Exercise DubaiAndrew Love
    The Physical Training Company helped me improve my body composition and mentality towards my training, nutrition and overall lifestyle. It wasn't an easy journey, I lost 10kg in 4 months, but their unique style of classes and nutritional tips made it enjoyable. Without them I don't think I would have reached where I have and I look forward to the next stage of the training!
  • Personal Training Company in Dubai Personal Trainer Dubai Group Exercise in Dubai Physical Fitness Company in Dubai Group Training Exercise DubaiNiall Statham
    Since working with Kris Green from The Physical Training Company I have gained 3 International Rugby Union Caps in X5 and made 30 International Rugby Union 7s appearances for the UAE. During this time I have also accepted the responsibility of captaining both International teams. Without input and mentorship from Kris, none of these achievements would have been possible. As well as an outstanding knowledge of strength and conditioning, his excellent interpersonal skills mean that he was able to take the time to understand my mental approaches towards training, ensuring that every aspect of my preparation was catered for. One of the most positive aspects of his work has been his ability to educate me whilst also helping me prepare. I would not hesitate in recommending Kris as a strength and conditioning coach.
  • Personal Training Company in Dubai Personal Trainer Dubai Group Exercise in Dubai Physical Fitness Company in Dubai Group Training Exercise DubaiSandra Henein
    Never met a trainer like Keith who actually understands what he is doing - from knowing how to help you achieve your goals, any questions you need answered on training, recovery or diet and the general approach to training. It's not about depending on someone to get you through this journey but actually learning from training and how it can change your body. Just be determined to work hard and I guarantee Keith will push you and get you where you want - The results speak for themselves!!


Roan Kotze

Weight Loss, Sports Performance and Youth Development Specialist

Ex-Professional Rugby

BSc Strength and Conditioning


– Weight Loss

– Rehabilitation

– Sport Performance

– Youth Development

Nicolas St-Maurice

Celebrity Trainer, Online Training

Ex-Sprinter (CA)

BSc Kinesiology


– Celebrity Trainer

– Online Training

– Athletic Training

– Sprint Coach

– Physique Training

Keith O'Malley-Farrell

Injury Rehab Specialist & Strength Training

Ex-Rehab British MoD

BSc Sport Rehab.


– Injury Rehab

– Post-Op Recovery

– Exercise Back Pain

– Strength Training

– Training Females

Matt Cotterill

Strength & Performance Specialist and Physiologist

Ex-GB Olympic Coach

MSc  Physiology,     BSc Strength and Conditioning


– Re-starting Clients

– Athletic Develop.

– Personal Training

– Exercise Physiol.

– Semi-Private P.T.

– Training Room

Kris Greene

Strength & Conditioning Coach and Youth Development Specialist

Ex London Irish Rugby

BSc Strength and Conditioning


– Youth Development

– Olympic Lifting

– Strength Training

– Personal Training

– Training Room