Keith O'Malley-Farrell

Keith has worked in health and wellness for over ten years across many industries from gym instructing and personal training to working with professional sports teams, to the British Military. He studied Sports Management at University College Dublin and graduated with a BSc in Sport Rehabilitation from St. Mary’s University, London in 2011. Previous to moving to Dubai Keith worked (as a civilian) for the British Military as an Exercise Remedial Instructor helping to rehabilitate infantry soldiers returning home injured from service in Afghanistan. With a vast array of experience to call upon when training clients and his speciality comes in the form of taking injured clients from the clinic back to full fitness and a flourishing lifestyle, keeping them fit and able for all of life’s fun stuff.

He can be found up and motivating clients before sun rise running our 6am Training Room circuit classes followed by our semi-private training group and personal training sessions throughout the morning. His specialities further include helping new members of our community return to physical activity who may have been simply too busy to follow an exercise programme and have let their fitness levels get away from.

Keith has also teamed up with Matt to co-host The PTC Podcast where they hope to deliver a content driven platform talking to members of our community, the wider UAE fitness community and well known fitness experts on the international stage about their journeys in health and fitness. Both Keith and Matt aim to delve into our guest’s experiences and struggles and host inspiring and rewarding conversations with those who have achieved and conquered.


Kris Greene

Kris is a highly qualified in the field of Strength and Conditioning and is passionate about working with people from all types of backgrounds. He is known for specializing in group/team training, strength and power development, youth development training, weight loss, Olympic weightlifting and overall wellbeing. He has been coaching and educating people (both professional and recreational) for almost ten years.

Kris holds a BSc in Strength and Conditioning Science from St. Mary’s University London. He also is a fully accredited strength and conditioning coach (ASCC) with the United Kingdom Strength and Conditioning Association (UKSCA). Kris has an extensive list of further certifications and he is currently in the process of completing his CISSN qualification with the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN).

Kris is currently running our evening Training Room sessions as well as spending his days working with multiple Sports academies in Dubai developing their students with the aim of increasing their opportunity to progress into professional or semi-professional sport, obtain an education scholarship to colleges/universities.

As part of his desire to get people out and active in the outdoors, Kris runs the PTC’s Outdoor Club, delivering fun and friendly team building opportunities amongst our clients not just in the gym setting. Bringing groups of outdoor adventurers together to enjoy some of the UAE’s natural beauty and outdoor opportunity, to get people excited about being outdoors again in a city surrounded by desert.


Matt Cotterill

Matt has been working in the Strength & Conditioning/Fitness industry for nearly a decade, gaining an undergraduate and postgraduate degree in subjects relating to human performance. As an avid believer that education is only useful when combined with lots of experience, Matt has made a point of pursuing various and different roles within the industry; as a Personal Trainer, Strength & Conditioning Coach and Sport Scientist. He has previously worked with different sports and athletes such as: international middle-long distance runners, GB Sprint Kayak team, British Rowing and Para-Rowing teams, British Swimming and Surrey County Cricket.

His specialities include personal training, athletic performance training and rehabilitation. He is currently delivering semi-private training, personal training. Beside the training he is also co-host of The PTC Podcast, he is growing the educational side of the ThePTC, creating opportunities to give seminars, workshops and invite influential fitness personalities to the Dubai to support in his talks. He is also an education specialist for Cybex Gym Equipment.


Nic St-Maurice

Nic has ten years experience as a personal trainer and health & fitness expert with a BSc in Kinesiology from McGill University in Montreal, Canada. Nic has been training and competing as a sprinter for the last eight years along with American Football and Hockey. Previous to his time in Dubai he worked with many amateur and professional Track and Field athletes, Ice Hockey players, Footballers, Basketballers and American Footballers. With a large Instagram following Nic regularly takes clients and followers through beach workouts and sprint training on athletic tracks around Dubai.

Nic appeared on the cover of Men’s Health Middle East (June 2016 edition) continues his relationship with the magazine to celebrate our client’s transformation in feature stories within the magazine. He is also currently a personal brand ambassador to multiple brands of sports wear, food and nutritional supplement companies in Dubai. On top of that he is also managing The PTC’s online training portal where our community abroad can continue to follow our training programmes whether it’s studying in Canada, spending the summer with family in London or temporarily working during the week in Saudi Arabia. He also trains celebrities whenever they’re in town, such as Carla DiBello, Karim Benzema and many more.


Roan Kotze

Born with a strong sporting spirit, Roan is an ex-professional rugby player, having played for 3 years before deciding to specialize in sport specific training, weight management, injury prevention and rehabilitation. Graduating with a BSc (Hons) in Strength & Conditioning he has numerous qualifications in areas such as olympic lifting, nutrition for performance and corrective exercise to name a few. Roan has worked with all ages and always strives to help every individual develop a tailored, balanced and holistic program that includes nutritional advice and all the support needed to achieve their goals.

With a background in sports sciences, strength and conditioning, nutrition and rugby, Roan has over 7 years experience in the Fitness Industry working with athletes in a variety of disciplines including rugby, paddle boarding, tri-athletes, he specializes in weight management, helping clients to achieve their goals, whilst also excelling in sport specific training, strength and injury rehabilitation, Roan is also delivering The Training Room group exercise sessions, as well as semi private personal training sessions.